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Good Day to you and yours! Our Team at VIP Health Insurance brings a special and unique touch to helping our current members and prospective clients understand the most up to date and accurate information in the ever-changing and growing health insurance industry! We know this can be extremely confusing, overwhelming, and frustrating! So, to TRULY understand what is happening in ALL aspects of health insurance, we have a motto "K.I.S." = KEEP IT SIMPLE!

At VIP Health Insurance, we focus on:

"Vision": seeing and knowing through continuous education what changes are happening in both the group (aka "commercial") and the individual sector of individuals that are Turning 65 (aka "T65" or "Aging into 65" and becoming newly "eligible for Medicare")!

"Integrity": we bring our skills, value, and 'A-game' to all we have the pleasure of meeting with!

"Passion": with over 20+ years in this business, we have the experience and have seen first-hand how health insurance is the most crucial decision that needs to be made in your life!

We pride ourselves on providing our employers, employees, Medicare beneficiaries, and their families the BEST insurance plans available to fit their needs!

We do not just "sell" health insurance ~ we procure policies that will provide excellent care and we make sure of it! We believe we gain not only clients but relationships that will last a lifetime!

Proudly ~ The VIP Team!