My husband Scott and I were beside ourselves....we could not understand Medicare....We asked around and no one could help us....As luck would have it, we found out about Benjamin and Wendy....They are so nice and so knowledgeable...with their help, they took us step by step through the process and explained everything. The best part; is that if we have a problem, we can call and they will answer and help.

Maggie M.

My husband and I have been so lucky to be introduced to Wendy and Benjamin by our primary doctor’s office in "Glades Medical Center" in Boca Raton. Right after we started to enjoy the benefits of the New Year’s resolution and fresh start, we were notified that our previous health insurance was no longer accepted by our primary doctor’s office, all our joy of a Happy new year was depleted. We were founded in a situation that nobody wants to be in and doesn’t know how to go about, We really liked all our doctors, so going about changing all of that that we have had for years was not a solution at all. It was a very challenging time ahead for us. And then; very unexpectedly, right after we were given the contact for VIP Health Insurance, our luck changed for the best. These beautiful people, (and very handsome) Wendy and Benjamin, came to our home with a lots of knowledge, passion, experience, understanding and the best option for insurance coverage that would be the best for both of us. We felt so relieved and the trust came along with the feeling that we really have the best people for the problem, right here in our home. We are so thankful to them, our sleep pattern improved enormously, we are happy again. They are the best! You can trust them and love them as they were the members of the group of people that care for your wellbeing more than other rewards they can get. Our five stars for their service is given with happy hearts and strong recommendation for the future for anybody who wants to do business with the professionals that genuinely care about their customers.

Loren M.

When my Dad was deciding on what health insurance to sign up for it was without a doubt, United American and Team VIP! The consistent lifetime advocacy that Wendy Longo and Benjamin Fingeret are able to provide through United American is and has been essential and instrumental with any situations that need tending too. It is obvious they care tremendously for their clients’ health and well-being! Another major benefit is that VIP Health maintains relationships with Physicians (at all levels) and they are proud to be able to refer their clients to them. These Doctor’s provide the highest level of care with proven results and this is what really matters! My Dad (and our family) are so very thankful for United American and Wendy & Benjamin’s continued support. Our overall customer experience has been wonderful!

Erica M.

I have had the wonderful opportunity to have Ben and Wendy help me with my healthcare for about 15 years. They have a wonderful Medicare Supplement product which I highly recommend and have, even to relatives in Ohio. I have never heard a complaint and if I ever have a question, they are Johnny on the spot. I would never change and I love the relationship I share with the two of them. They go above and beyond any reps I’ve ever known. They genuinely care about their customers.

Scotty V.

I HAVE BEEN LUCKY ENOUGH TO KNOW Ben and Wendy FOR AT LEAST 20 YRS. There has never been a question or a problem that they have not been able to solve or help me with. I have recommended them to out of state relatives and they feel the same way about them. I am so blessed to have them in my life for so many reasons. You would be remiss to not include them in your healthcare and life needs. They are the best and I have given their names to more people than I can remember and I’ve known no one who have not become one of their family.

Marge B.